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Clean Green

Effective Cleaning That Protects Health Without Harming The Environment

Green cleaning has major benefits. It is safe for children and pets. It has been shown to improve the productivity of building occupants, improve the health and reduce complaints of the cleaning staff, and helps to reduce sick days. It can also help reduce liability and provide cost savings.

More and more companies are recognizing that environmentally responsible design and production are an integral part of their mission and the value they want to deliver to their customers. The Green Seal® sends a clear message: we care about improving the health and welfare of people and the planet.

Green Seal bases its work on thorough, state-of-the-art scientific evaluations using internationally accepted methodologies. Product evaluations are conducted using a life-cycle approach to ensure that all significant environmental impacts of a product are considered, from raw materials extraction through manufacturing to use and disposal. Wherever possible, Green Seal standards cite international test methods for evaluating product performance or environmental attributes.

To review the green cleaning products that we use, please download the brochure .


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